Unique Contemporary Art Gallery 
and Individual Handmade Jewellery

Roy Wilson has been hand making jewellery for over 36 years now, collecting awards and acclaim along the way. He’s worked for some of the most elite retail outlets in Sydney, and has compiled a great deal of knowledge throughout his travels.

Roy Wilson

Pauline Denney

Pauline Denney creates an assortment of paintings and small edition etchings, and her work is now in private collections the world over. She now operates Pd Art Gallery, where art enthusiasts and the public can browse her latest output.
Pauline Denney takes great pride in showcasing her completed pieces throughout the  Gallery. The artist works with an array of different media, ensuring that visitors are always met with fresh and exciting artwork. From elaborate oil paintings to more subtle and soft acrylic work, Pauline exhibits a style that’s all her own.

 To view the latest additions to the gallery, don’t hesitate to stop by before the 1/4/2017 as we are having a year off, Roy & Pauline would like to thank pepole who supported the Gallery. 
Roy Wilson is available 6 Days when Open Sign is displayed - or by appointment
Pauline Denney   is available 6 Days when Open Sign is displayed - or by appointment

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